The company is undergoing changes, starting from itself! The first operation seminar of the Qingkai New Year has come to a successful conclusion

2023-07-19 Source:嘉龙海杰科技集团

  On February 7-8, 2023, the seminar with the theme of "How ruthless, fast, stable and accurate" to seize market opportunities was held in Guigang, Guangxi, chaired by Vincent Hsiao, General manager of Janohig. Ms. Liu Weifang, chairman of the board, and all senior and middle leaders attended and participated in the discussion.

  Before the meeting, Chairman Liu Weifang delivered a speech, she said: "As a management, we must understand the responsibility and significance of management, understand the importance of efficiency and quality in an increasingly competitive environment." For our factory, efficiency is the weapon to beat others, quality and delivery ability is the guarantee of the survival of the factory, price is our stepping stone, service is the best way for us to get others to appreciate."

  Then GM Vincent Hsiao put forward clear expectations for this seminar, he said: "Janohig as a stable development of more than 20 years of the group company, with a stable team, we want to be a fellow ship, not a fellow passerby, to" ruthless, fast, stable, accurate "mentality to continue to be the industry leader.

  In the seminar, the middle-level leaders from sales,RD,production, PE, QA and other aspects of the operation of the company in-depth analysis of the company's existing problems, and focus on how to solve the existing problems and the company's development direction and other issues, make active suggestions, intense discussion, and the meeting achieved a successful conclusion.

  Finally, Vincent made a concluding speech on the seminar, he said that the seminar fully exposed the problems of the company, but also fully demonstrated the strength and spiritual outlook of Janohig. In daily work, we should keep the bottom line thinking, treat every interaction with customers as the last interaction, and provide customers with more than expected service, so as to move customers and stabilize customers. At the same time, he believes that after this meeting, Janohig will be able to "go into battle lightly, turn around magnificently, reproduce youth, and spread great achievements!"

  After the meeting, the teams and individuals with outstanding performance in this seminar were selected by voting and given rich rewards.

Team Award: Production Department, R&D Department.

Individual Award: First Prize: Liang Shulin; Second Prize: Blake Yang;  Third prize: Lily; Fourth prize: Rony LAN; Fifth prize: He Huawai

  Although affected by the epidemic and the international market environment in the past two years, the peak of orders has not yet arrived, but after this seminar, all the staff are full of confidence in the Janohig development and future! I believe that as long as we want to think in one place, strive to make a place, set the strength of all staff, we will be able to usher in the company's brilliant tomorrow.